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Re-processed man-made fibers, custom-made

Belrey has one of the most efficient textile recycling plants in Europe where every year over 15 000 tons of post-industrial textile waste materials are converted into useable textile fibres. We are continuously investing in state of the art production equipment, putting us among the leaders in the market for recycled fibres.
Our reliable delivery and quality ensure that we stay ahead of our competitors.

Over 90% of our production is exported. As we are one of the leading global companies in our area, we also have access to fibers worldwide, which means that we have the possibility to offer almost any material required.


Textile Fibers

For Automotive, Geotextiles, Drain pipes, Yarn spinning

Ranging from fine to coarse deniers in any required cut length, our fibers serve a wide variety of end uses such as non-woven for the automotive, geotextiles, spinning and mattress industry. These fibers are available in various forms for use in carding, air-laying, needle punching and spinning.
This includes the development of synthetic fiber for use in reinforced composites. By being able to understand exactly what you are trying to achieve, as well as the resources at your disposal, Belrey Fibres is able to develop recommended solutions.
Sourcing worldwide
When it comes to finding the exact fiber you need or moving the excess material you have, we can rely on our international relationships and experience going back decades. So for companies looking to sell, Belrey Fibres can offer a steady demand. For those needing to buy, we can offer a consistent supply of the fiber you need.
Whether you’re buying or selling
Fiber or plastics, post-industrial or excess material, end-of-roll products or damaged seconds, you can deal with us directly or through our trading agents within our network, who are always able to offer competitive pricing, efficient shipping and guaranteed availability. That’s our business, and we’re pretty good at it.

Our social responsibility

Re-processed man-made fibers, custom-made

As a cost-effective and “greener” alternative to virgin materials, re-processed synthetic fibers serve as secondary material for non-woven products in a variety of industries. Through our customized blending and processing equipment we are able to produce a clean and homogenous material.

Saving costs through recycling

The recovery of waste materials as a secondary resource helps to cut down production costs by reducing raw material expenses. We sort, grade and process about 50 tons of textile materials per day. We convert post-industrial filament-waste into reusable fibers. By working closely with our customers, we are helping to divert textile material from landfill and saving on virgin material costs.

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Our offices are daily open from Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm